Surgical Tech Schools in Brighton MI – Learn About The Top Surgical Technician Colleges in Michigan

Surgical Technician Programs in Michigan

With jobs in the medical field growing at a rate of more than double the national average, many people are choosing to enroll in surgical tech schools in Brighton MI. Why? A primary reason, of course, is that, just as with all other jobs in the medical field, surgical tech jobs offer long term stable employment.

Surgical Tech Schools in Brighton MISomething just as attractive as job stability is the potential to earn high paying wages, even for those just entering the field. After earning just a two year associate degree, you can immediately begin earning a surgical tech salary of over $40,000 a year. So, if you’re looking for a lucrative career in the medical field, but want to get in and out of school fairly quickly, consider earning your surgical tech certification.

What Does a Surgical Tech Do?

Surgical tech jobs encompass a wide variety of tasks, most of which revolve around the operating room. Some job duties include the following:

  • Responsible for sterilization of operating equipment
  • Stocking operating room with supplies
  • Overall operating room preparation
  • Assist with surgical instruments during surgery
  • Help surgeon and staff dress (gowns and gloves) for surgery
  • Prepare, handle, transport, and dispose of lab specimens
  • Prepare patient for surgery by disinfecting incision site, helping patient get positioned on operating table and draping them
  • Prepare sterile solutions needed for surgery
  • Checking equipment prior to surgery

What to Look for in Surgical Tech Schools in Brighton MI

Now that you know a little bit about what the lucrative surgical tech salary, as well as what the job entails, you’re ready to start looking at schools. But, what exactly are you looking for? Obviously, not all schools offer the same quality of education, so the school you select is important. Additionally, when employers consider hiring you, where you attended school will be an indicator to them of how well-trained you are for the job. Take a look at these criteria that you should consider when looking at potential surgical tech programs.

  • Accreditation: This is your number one criteria. The school you attend must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). All employers will look for this accreditation when determining whether or not to consider the training you received to be valid.
  • Coursework: If a program has received accreditation, you can be sure that the curriculum it offers covers all of the basics you’ll need to effectively pursue work as a surgical tech. other than the standard anatomy, biology, and medical terminology courses, though, make sure there are classes that cover more logistic-focused areas such as care and safety of patients, and proper sterilization techniques.
  • Certification Preparation: There is more than one type of surgical tech certification, so make sure to educate yourself on your options. Whatever school you choose should offer assistance in helping you prepare for your certification exam.
  • Clinical Setting: Repetitive practice is the best way to learn the skills necessary for the job. Any accredited program will offer hands on training in a supervised clinical environment.
  • Job Placement: While this isn’t a requirement, schools that offer job placement assistance provide a valuable service to their students. Not only could it help you get a job sooner than you could on your own, but it may yield you a better paying position.

Reccomended Surgical Tech Programs in Michigan

The programs offered below are taught by premier, schools and come reccomended as viable schools for most students.

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Qualities of an Effective Surgical Tech

Since the job entails spending a lot of time in the operating room, it takes certain qualities to be able to be an effective surgical tech. Some of these qualities cannot be learned by earning a certificate. You need to be comfortable in a surgical setting, of course, but you must also possess physical stamina, since much of your time will be spent on your feet assisting the surgical staff. You should also be detail-oriented because the entire focus of surgical tech jobs is to assist during all phases of surgery. If you’ve forgotten any detail, the results can be disastrous. Another important quality is that you possess dexterity because you will be working with expensive equipment and very small, sharp instruments. The specific qualities required are a primary reason why the starting surgical tech salary is so high.

The medical field is growing exponentially, and so are the jobs. By earning your surgical tech certification at one of the many surgical tech schools in [[citystate]], you can enter that booming job market with a starting salary of over $40,000 a year. And you can do it in as little as two years.

Surgical Tech Schools in Brighton MI – Learn About The Top Surgical Technician Colleges in Michigan
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